The End Result

This evening as I was taking the long ride home from spending the day with my great aunt, caring for her after she had surgery, I looked up and I watched how people ran on and off the platform attempting to catch their trains. Within seconds I recalled two amazing Blessings that I have been longing to share!

Before I do share though; I have one question for you:

What does “The End Result” mean to you when you read it?

It can have many meaning as that is how L.I.F.E works, we each are the master of our own perception.

Instead of talking about the things that have been happening in my world lately, I am taking this time to share two amazing stories of people I highly regard as they waited for “The End Result!”

One was preparing for marriage and the other preparing to become a mother. I watched from a distance and prayed for the Best for them, there were days when one’s situation did NOT look as promising with negative reports coming from doctors and though she did NOT show a bit of negativity I am sure there were days when doubt settled in. She was true to GoD and stayed on HIS Word day in and day out saying, “I know what GoD Promised mii and that is what I will Trust Him For!”

WOW, IKR……. Talking about some powerful Faith (Hebrews 11:1)

I had close contact with the mother to be so the aforementioned in parenthesis were her actual words. The wife to be was quite a distance away but thank GoD for social media and other facets of communicating because I was able to witness how GoD took a beautiful hard working executive and turned her into a beautiful hard working executive and wife. She wasn’t only hard working on her daily job but this Woman of Virtue continued to prove daily that her walk got stronger daily as the date for her marriage approached! Friends, let me tell you, by the time the beautiful couple got married, I felt as though I wasn’t just watching the preparations for marriage rather GoD was also preparing mii for “The End Result” as well.

See, I have been through some rocky situations, well who hasn’t right? But what is amazing is I never thought it were possible for my mindset to change in regards to these two very touchy issues, you know like Marriage and Babies and stuff – LOLOL (sorry had to laugh here). A lot of young girls grow up playing with dolls connecting with magazine clippings, fascinating about their dream guy for their special day but I was totally different as it really didn’t occur to me that the whole marriage and building a home thing should be on the list I should be striving for. I was the oldest of 6 – where my oldest siblings at who wanted nothing to do with children because of ALL the brats.. (LOL again – J/K)

Well, I am finally at that point where I understand things much more differently and after seeing what these women accomplished practically simultaneously, in two completely different parts of the US, from different backgrounds but what they had/ have in common is that Faith – Unshakable Faith and that is more than incredible.

The Mother to Be has her Babies – Yup, got GoD’s Promise – she got her beautiful healthy fiesty little twins!

The Wife to Be has her Husband – she has GoD’s Promise – and she has a successful career but the additional blessing is that her and husband also running a franchise together!! #Hmmmmmmmmmm

I close with this simple statement: Both remained faithful to GoD and kept HIS will for their lives. They got The End Result, will you??

Best Regards,

AniYa A.

Proverbs 31 * Hebrews 11:1 * Psalm 33:9

The Pursuit of “Happyness”

Sometimes in L.I.F.E we experience certain situations that really take us out of our element, get us in trouble or other times we are fortunate for that moment where we are totally enlightened by a moment that can only happen once..

So, a little less than a week ago I was putting on my eyebrows (LOLOL) when I noticed how smooth and impeccable the liner was; furthermore, I realized it wasn’t my typical one that I had to fight with in order for mii to get that perfected look I was going for!! Then it happened, I had to stop and look at the liner twice and then it ALL made sense……..

It was the Brand NEW Maybelline liner I bought a few days prior and I hadn’t noticed that I placed it in my Burberry make – up bag already!!

Where am I going with this many may wonder, I will tell you!!

What I felt compelled about at that moment was the desire for a look that I could get with any ol’ eyeliner, a look that would make my eyes pop NO matter what, after a few seconds the Lord Ministered, “The Pursuit of Happiness” {which I of course switched in the title to ‘Happyness’ to grab your attention}.. Friends, many of us are on the same wavelength wanting NOTHING more than to achieve the American Dream, if you are from another Country other than America then this should resonate very true to you!! A lot of us (especially mii coming from a Haitian family and background, where I am first generation American, born in Brooklyn, NY) want the good if not great paying jobs, the security of having a perfect credit score so that we can buy that home, we want things like that brand new sexxxii car, the education, the beautiful clothing and those brilliant children who will make us proud in our old age.. Yes, we 9 times out of 10 are after the The Pursuit of Happiness as we attempt to go after our goals though, we often times run into difficulties.. We  may have a plan in my mind and on paper but then the unexpected trials and tribulations arise and we don’t know how to handle them!!

The significance of the eyeliner is simple: I picked up an eyeliner that I thought was the one I already had in my make-up bag but was tremendously blessed when I put on a NEW, more Powerful one, a liner that gave mii more confidence.. A liner that grant it, resembled my old one but was Brand NEW and much much better.. The significance of the liner is that we ALL have the ability to be Brand NEW, we ALL have the ability to throw out the old stuff and BE something NEW!!

Today, as you go out on your journey, try and figure out what you want to get rid of.. See, when we hold on to junk, we too become junky and how many people want to be junky?? I know I don’t wanna be and I have a feeling that you ALL don’t either…… So, do yourselves a favor and add a little NEW to your lives!! I know what I experienced was NOT a mistake by any means and I am so glad I got a chance to live it and share it with you amazing, talented, gifted, strong and compassionate beings whom will read this message today..

Oh yea, Maybe she’s Born with or Maybe it’s just Maybelline!! I just couldn’t resist.. Later peeps!! Love You ALL….. XO

(Stay tuned for more messages that will hopefully Bless You and Give You a NEW Perspective in Your Every LiVes..)

Your Gurl,

AniYa A.

And then there was confirmation………

Well, it is Sunday and the Lord did it again.. I mean, was I surprised?? No, I cannot say that I was..

This morning I got instruction to go on a fast, before I could do too much; I decided to stop everything and really let GoD move and read what HE wanted me to in HIS word!!

Friends, when I tell you!!!!!!!!! Hmmmmmmm…..

As I began to read Isaiah 35, it was part because that is where the Word opened up to and secondly there was a BIG arrow pointing directly to Isaiah 35:4.. So naturally, I began to read (starting from the first verse) it and was very glad I did as I got a Word at that moment for my brother, which Blessed me incredibly!! I was content with getting the Word and continuing my prayers as well as getting on with my day; however, if anyone knows GoD the way I have come to know HIM, HE does NOT allow us to finish anything until HE is done with us..

The Spirit nudged me and I continued reading into 36 but what happened made me scratch my head (and NO these braids were NOT the reason – LOLOLOL – black folks you already know) I was thrown off because I could NOT fully grasp what the Scripture was saying, so as I often do; I googled the summary of Isaiah 36 and the answer was as plain as day as to why I was moved to continue my reading!!

I am wrapping it up, so stay with me.. Friends, we are living in a world where there is unrest, no peace, heart ache, turmoil and much more daily!! As I read what was happening in the day of King Hezekiah I felt so Blessed to know that under the circumstances he was under, he NEVER bowed to the enemies attacks and/ or devises.. NO matter how many times the devil tried him and the people, they stood stronger than ever and the best part is learning that King Hezekiah instructed his three officials NOT to say a word to the Rabshakeh prior to them even going out to meet him…..

“But they held their peace and answered him not a word; for the king’s commandment was, “Do not answer him.” Then Eliakim the son of Hilkiah, who was over the household, Shebna the scribe, and Joah the son of Asaph, the recorder, came to Hezekiah with their clothes torn, and told him the words of the Rabshakeh.” (Isaiah 36: 21-22)

Here is where I end:

Many times we are given special instructions, often times it is an audible voice like in the case of the King saying to his officials what to do, but then alot of the times it could be the Holy Spirit saying what HE needs you to do in order to save you from danger, in a small still voice etc. Upon reading and meditating on these two verses alone, I learned a very valuable lesson today and though I have been trying to be as diligent as possible in my walk, sometimes I simply miss the mark!!

But today was just NOT one of those days.. To each of you, #Be Blessed and my encouragement to you is take a little more time to listen, in business and education ie the secular world this practice could be referred to the 80/20 process but to the ones whom Know and Trust GoD this is simply known as Surrendering!!

And then there was confirmation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Double Portion


When we pray, the Lord listens.. Tonight I am more encouraged to continue going forward in every endeavor that I know is in front of me!!


Yesterday (8.3.15), I got a phone call from my brother, the funny part is he like never calls me; we are all scattered around S. FL, he in Canada and me back in New York City so you can only imagine how it is going to be from now on trying to communicate or even meet up with my 6 siblings and their growing families!! I love every minute of what is happening because I have prayed for the opportunity of seeing them grow into the men and women I knew they would grow into.. After a few minutes of us joking and laughing, he handed the phone to his wife, my sister – in – law!! Wow, I really have a sister – in – law, I am still in shock that this is even a thing (inserting big smile here)..

Anyway, upon us speaking and praying together, I recalled praying for her, our families, our careers, our futures, health, prosperity, a double portion of what the Great I Am has for us and then I got a vision that there would be a miracle coming forth within 24hours!!

See, I, like so many people have dreams and visions but do we ever stop and allow for them to come to pass, do we ever pray for GoD to fulfill the thing that HE is showing us?? I never did in the past because truth be told, I had no idea how powerful these visions truly were so I ran and hid from my own self!! Well, that is NOT happening anymore and as I prayed to GoD yesterday for more.. HE was true to HIS Word where HE says in Psalm 37:4, Take delight in the Lord,
and he will give you the desires of your heart.. I was under the impression that the miracle was for a relative of mine etc, or even for my sis – in – law but truly it was for me in every sense of the Word!!

Not only did I come to the realization that I was enjoying the power of years of prayer, fasting and going before the throne for my loved ones but I was Blessed just about 24hours later by being in the presence of My Spiritual Father, Bishop TD Jakes as he signed a copy of his NEW book for me “Destiny Step into Your Purpose”.. I teased one of his Armor Bearers too as Bishop was NOT personalizing each book, he was just signing his name because the line was so long at Barnes&Noble, I asked for my name anyway and was told I already got Blessed with a picture and Bishop speaking extra long to me vs. everyone else there!!

I said in response, “Do you recall the conversation between Elisha and Elijah as they crossed the dry ground?? Well, I want a Double Portion too!!” Bishop looked up at me, smiled and said GoD Bless You..  Even though I only got his name, the mere fact that I got to communicate with him in the way we had was more than enough confirmation that I did get my Double Portion!! “When they had crossed, Elijah said to Elisha, ‘Tell me, what can I do for you before I am taken from you?’ “Let me inherit a double portion of your spirit,” Elisha replied. 2 Kings 2:9

How badly do you want to be Blessed?? Have you asked the Lord for your Double Portion yet?? When was the last time you really sought after GoD for those desires you have burning inside of your heart??

I want my Double Portion, do you??

On 8.4.15 with less than half a days notice, I made my way across two cities for this moment with Bishop TD Jakes, my Spiritual Father

On 8.4.15 with less than half a days notice, I made my way across two cities for this moment with Bishop TD Jakes, my Spiritual Father