Learned a NEW phrase….. Have you ever heard of __________??

Don’t want to be preachy this AM but if y’all don’t know it by now, you better realize – I like to share Words of Motivation and share the Good News that GoD puts in mii <3, if I offend anyone, you know where the exit is (i.e. the delete friend button or just don’t read the messages)
With that said, I have been going through these battles lately and I woke up feeling some kind of way today, on the flip side my career is going in the right direction, my writing is on point as I am working on re- publishing, “A Woman’s Intuition” {will keep you posted} as well as working on the sequel of “After ALL the Pain”, entitled “Talk With Your Daddy” and socially I am learning myself more; therefore, I am learning others too in different ways……. Recently, I had been getting these messages by some dude in my gmail account, I was so upset that they even got my personal email addy but after communicating for some time, I started to feel differently!!  It has been a weird roller coaster ride which I have gotten off many times then he would contact me over and over again…… Let’s stop here and ask this, “How many people know or even understand that there are ruthless individuals out there who actually play on others emotions for fun??” #Hmmmmmmmmm ~ think about it and continue reading!!
Point: I watched a show last night by the name of Catfished (Catfish – whatevz) and I am like WOW is this what is going on here?? Well, I don’t care if it is or NOT because I feel like I have been Catfished and I became angry initially as I have NEVER met this fool face to face, yet he or even she @ this point who knows what they are, always had excuses about everything, even said they live in England but couldn’t tell mii any of their whereabouts in London or other parts of the country I once lived in and traveled throughout when I was a student studying abroad – OK
                                            *** raising eyebrow here***

Bye – Felicia

Friends, I am writing this because I have a feeling people out there go through similar situations but today I am writing from the stand point of Biblical examples, we see how many times people were tempted in the Bible from David and the story of Bathsheba and Uriah (see 2 Samuel 11- 12 or google their story for more commentary on this profound triangle of stalking, lies, murder, love rather lust and much more) you also see this type of deceitful behavior in stories such as the story of Hannah in 1 Samuel 1 (Peninnah was the culprit as she pretty much was always watching Hannah and didn’t want her to have children and caused her much grief) or in my favorite book of the Bible, the story of Haman in Esther (we see how Haman basically plotted against the children of Israel but thankfully Mordecai was waaaayyyyyyyy more clever than that idiot and GoD showed Mordecai what the enemy was planning before it was too late – Read the entire Book of Esther because either way it is #Amazing and you NEED to know it for yourself… You will thank mii later – #Smile)
Bringing it to a close – so stay with mii for a few more sentences….. As we could see from the aforementioned Bible messages, which are like present day soap operas, there was a lot of watching, a lot of plotting and a whole lot of lying but you know what I ❤ about these stories, it is the fact that each person who praised GoD got the #Best outcome….. Well, we know David had to do a whole of repenting in order for him to be the apple of GoD’s eye; especially, since he totally had Uriah killed and ALL (oops you didn’t get to that part yet of that intense triangle – sorry – read till the end) but either way he gave his soul to GoD and vowed to NOT sin again!! I believe sincerely that many times we are in situations NOT to destroy us but to make us #Stronger and #Better.. Throughout the time I was dealing with this person whom was Catfishing mii, things were changing in my L.I.F.E, I was being #Strengthened and I am much #Happier today than I have been in a long time.. One day he/ she/ whatevz stated, “Why do you love those who don’t love you, when I am right here – blah blah blah” I expressed to them first of ALL men hit on mii or try to date mii ALL the time but I am NOT interested in any body that’s just trying to run game furthermore if you only knew what I have been through you’d be more careful with your statements, I even reminded them of when my #Favorite cousin was murdered by her fiancee’ and I have had to work through so much to even be healed from that grief or sadness, then I realized, they were doing it again, they were playing with my emotions and getting mii into a place of their control/ a place where I would be most vulnerable……..
It’s 2 days before #Christmas and I am going to stay focused on the reason for this season and give HIM the ultimate #Praise!!!!!!!!!! Speaking of #Praising #HIM, as I said in the opening of this blog, I woke up feeling a little up upset or some kind of way, but something said put on that #Praise & #Worship ~ Amen…………….. No sooner did I put on my #Pandora I felt a shout a Total Praise and the songs by #TashaCobbs #IsraelHoughton #ShanaWilson #FredHammond as well as #RichardSmallwood & #MarvinSapp started to flow into my #Spirit – within seconds – literally, I felt 100% better and now I sit here writing this hoping that you will also feel better about whatever you are dealing with and know that when you PRAISE HIM, it doesn’t matter what plot is against you as HE has promised us that, “Though they intended evil against You And devised a plot, They will not succeed..” Psalm 21:11
For more references on Plotting see:
LoVe You Alwayz and Have a Merry Christmas,
AniYa A.
Freedom Entertainment Group
President & CEO


Today (12.4.15) as I was rearranging different items in my closet, one of my winter coats started to fall……..

As I went to try to grab it before it hit the ground,  I thought if I try to stop this thing I may hurt myself in the process!! Utilize your creativity and see where I am; I was standing near the frame of the door and there were a few hangers near my leg on my right side as well as my chair that I was utilizing to get to the top shelf to my immediate left, so let’s just say that trying to grab that Gap coat would have been more detrimental than beneficial.. Within a few seconds, my mind shifted to how quickly we can be up one day and down right on our bums the next, so why am I writing today you may be wondering??


EASY, many people are experiencing stages of uncertainty presently; there are those whom are saddened by the lost of loved ones, then you have those whom NEVER had anyone to love from birth because NO one took the time to stick around for them and finally you have those whom have everything under the sun yet they still are incredibly miserable.. As that coat made its way towards the ground, I felt hopeless and then I started to blame myself for allowing such a nice article of clothing to be in such a less than satisfactory position, friends L.I.F.E happens and we have the choice to either stay down or get back up daily!! When my coat was on the floor, I also started to think about people I meet daily and how they freely share their stories with mii..

Some stories are so heart wrenching that I spend time going over their problems in my own head, forgetting my own issues, but you want to know the stories I like the most?? It’s the ones where people have fallen over and over but they pull themselves back up again.. The Bible says this about the Righteous who falls, “The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again. But one disaster is enough to overthrow the wicked.” Proverbs 24: 16 Fall2.jpg

NOW, I am speaking to someone who is struggling at this Moment –

Whatever you are going through today, this week, this past month etc. know that even when you are Falling, have Fallen, Fell down, you can and will get back up but you have to know it in your mind, heart and soul.. There are sooooooooo many promises in the Bible such as Jeremiah 29:11 (which happens to be one of my favorites – sorry if I am being redundant with this one but it really gives mii a ton of hope – AmEn) Hebrews 11:1 re: the Faith we NEED to Proceed, you can even find strength and courage to go on through a simple passage such as Psalms 1; especially, where it says to stand still – see in standing still we receive instruction that we otherwise would NOT have received had we been running to and fro….

I hope you have seen some light in your situation in reading this message, I want to leave you with this last verse(s) which I debated with my self about sharing but I see how it comes together and I know that GoD is going to help each of you today as HE helped mii to write this for HIS Edification..


Love You ALL Alwayz,

AniYa A.