Gym L.I.F.E


A few days ago as I was headed into my gym, I suddenly felt a little tired. I kept pushing forward because I knew I had to do at least 30 mins so I couldn’t let the fatigue stop me though I had a really really long day! When I got inside, I felt rather victorious then I heard:

“It is NOT enough that you are here, you must get on the machinery and work out!”


This message could have been taken strictly as a physical one but I knew better 2 Peter 1:16 – 19…… Fam, I believe that message was re: our spiritual beings more than anything else! Many of us have a ton of gifts but what good are any of our gifts if we do NOT utilize them?

At this moment, I am speaking to those who have a desire to be more, do more, see more but you are just sitting around wishing you could as you convince yourself that you have time..

Friends, the TIME is NOW.

In closing, I walked to the treadmill, did NO less than 30 mins. I went to abdominal machine and did NO less than 100 crunches. I went to the gluteus maximus machine and did like NO less than 50 leg push thingies (Don’t judge mii – LOL)! The point is, I did NOT leave until I did what I came in there for and as a result, I received a word but more than that I was totally proud of myself for going the extra mile in spite of how I felt.

Carpe Diem Friends and do NOT waste your time or gifts!

LoVe Ya.. #NiteyNite

What do you want to be when you grow up?? The young boy answered, “I want to be a THIEF!!”

Recently, I was sitting in a busy lobby waiting to be called to the next representative… Interestingly enough, I went shopping earlier in the day for items to send to my family’s annual gift exchange, in the purchase, I bought a tie that I hoped one of my brothers or GoD Son would get as a gift!!

As I sat in silence reading my Bible while trying to listen for my name, I overheard a conversation that totally disturbed me..

It went something like this:

Man 1: “Officer, isn’t it your job to keep children quiet while we are ALL waiting to be seen?? If you don’t talk to them I will or I will spank them since they NEED some discipline!!”

Security Officer 1, 2, 3: “Sir, please be calm, we will talk with the parents but just know we cannot just kick people or their children out of the facility and pretty please do NOT spank anyone’s children!!”

Man starts speaking loudly, going off about bad kids in today’s society.. Children still running and playing, then one group of children disappear with their  mother as one child is left in the lobby alone; his mother sitting directly behind him..

Man 1: “It’s about time you started to behave….. I guess you have NO choice since your little friends left!!”

Man 2: “Come on man, they are just kids!!”

Now my attention is on the little boy, for discretion purposes we will call him “Samuel!!” He sat there playing with his hands looking a bit disheveled, absent from his present setting.

Man 2 to Samuel: “You are just a little boy but just know that you have to learn how to behave in public because when you become too rowdy a lot of people will NOT like that..”

Samuel: “I know but it’s just that I do NOT have anyone to play with or talk to at home……..” Samuel looks down at his feet, his joyous smile now is turned upside down and he looks very saddened!!

Man 1 & 2: “Oh, wow, sorry about that little guy…….”

Going back to my studying and reading, I try to stop listening and manage to miss a large part of the convo but then this is where it becomes divine for mii to listen!!

Man 2: “Well where is your father??”

Samuel: “He’s dead..”

Man 2: “Do you speak with your mother??”

Samuel: “She doesn’t speak English and she doesn’t pay attention to me!!”

Man 2 now looking for more things to say as obviously he was NOT prepared for what was happening, he smiles and asks:

“Well Samuel, what do you want to be when you grow up??”

Samuel smiles, then says, “I want to be a thief; I want to steal when I grow up……………”

I look back at the woman, who does NOT comprehend anything going on!! Man 1 is gone on to handle his business with the rep in the window and in this waiting area is a bunch of people looking confused as an 11 year old hispanic child says he wants to steal as a life long career!!

To know mii, you would understand why I could NO longer just sit there and had to say something as I knew this was a moment that I couldn’t ignore as Samuel was put along my path like many for mii to Minister to…

I slowly approached the seat next to him and asked Man 2 if I could interrupt them for a sec?? Man 2 gladly gave mii the chance to speak as he was still sitting there lost for words!!

Taking a deep breathe and saying a silent prayer asking for the best direction to go with this, I let the Good Lord as well as Holy Spirit lead..

I shared with Samuel that he was too bright to be speaking of such things and shared that I overheard him speaking about his life, then proceeded to ask if he had siblings!! He said he did; however, they were ALL in high school and he was always alone to fend for himself since mother didn’t speak English and his father died in jail..

My heart sank low to the ground as I could NOT even put myself in this child’s shoes but then I got a vision that he must be surrounded by people stealing around him and he was a product of his environment!! I shared that he did NOT have to be a thief when he grew up and he had to start reprogramming his mind to think more positively, of course he started to ask why; every time I tried to break it down to him in such a manner that he would be able to understand, he played the why game but then his smile came back.. I shared that he would be somebody amazing in the future and I would pray for him and he needed to go to church!!

I turned to Samuel’s mother and in Spanish I said what I was discussing with Samuel, she and I spoke briefly then I told her that she needs to keep a better eye on him and take him to church for lots of prayer.. She agreed then my name was called so I told Samuel that I wanted to see him as a success in the future and NOT behind bars……

Here is my close, I cried as I stood before the rep. I couldn’t help it as the tears streamed down my face and my thoughts were on ALL of the young boys whom had a mentality like Samuel’s but also I thought about those whom were already imprisoned finally I thought about the dead whom never had an encounter as Samuel just had with 3 different people whom GoD literally sent to save him from a destructive path!!

I quickly wiped my eyes but I didn’t have to explain what was happening with the rep. as she is also a believer.. While she was typing away, I looked at the tie in my bag that I would be sending as a gift but wanted to give it to the little boy whom needed it much more – #Hmmmmmm, how weird would it be for an adult to just hand a child a tie, I thought..

Then the manifestation of how powerful our thoughts really are happened, Samuel tapped my arm and asked mii for $10 bucks, I was thrown off and said, “Huh??”

He looked up at mii and repeated the question, “Can I have ten bucks, you look like you have it!!”

Gathering my thoughts, I replied, “Ummmmm, Samuel, I don’t have cash on mii but I have something better….. I have a nice tie that I want you to have because as we just discussed, you will be someone great one day; this tie that I am giving you is going to remind you of your future as an entrepreneur or even a doctor one day!!”

“Wow, no one has ever given mii a gift before!!”

Fam, this has nothing to do with mii but everything to do with whom GoD called mii to be, also whom HE has called you to be!!

Samuel took that tie like it was the 10 bucks he was asking for and by this point everyone was staring at us.. I lowered my baseball cap over my eyes and when I was done with the rep. in the window I turned the corner to see Samuel and his mother standing there with a translator getting the info they needed, I asked Samuel where his tie was, with a bright smile and so much joy he pulled it out of his pocket and said he was going to hold onto it tight.. I said, “Good and don’t forget about everything else we discussed either..” I smiled at his mom, I gave Samuel a high five and I left the building…….. On my journey to the City, I reflected on what had happened and knew that a L.I.F.E was saved…… Tonight, I share this message because I know this is the right timing as someone out there was a Samuel and now they are on a better path because of GoD’s Divine Appointment..

We are in 2016, a year prophetically known for “LOVE” in the Bible, it is NOT by coincidence that you are reading this but I have added a link for you as well here to get your year started in the tight direction, LoVE someone today, if you encounter a Samuel speak L.I.F.E into them and continue to #Bless everyone around you!!

This is Testimony Time with your Gurl AniYa A. saying I LoVe You Alwayz and chat again real soon – to you Samuel, thank you for accepting the tie and becoming the #Best Entrepreneur you can be or the most #Superb Doctor the #World has ever known..