Don’t Walk By

Over a week ago, I was given a flyer which had a powerful photo on it but also stated the powerful words towards the bottom right corner, “Don’t Walk By!” At first glance, I knew this event would be up my alley of giving back i.e. paying it forward; however, being there to experience what I experienced was much more amazing than I could have imagined.

My sister in Christ with the heart of gold, “Grace” gave me the flyer and shared that I should check it out since she knew I would get a blessing from blessing others. She was absolutely correct. I was completely #Blessed by this initiative to give to those whom have so little but often times they have much more than the richest of these! See, homelessness is a prevalent situation that is taking America by storm but what I have come to find out is those whom are homeless sometimes do NOT even look like they are and you just would never know. I got to the beautiful church, Bethel Gospel Assembly 2-26 E. 120th St, mins. before we were supposed to start walking the streets of DWB3Harlem (and in my group we walked ALL up and down Central Park) where we would share the love of GoD with those whom needed a message and/ or prayer and we were to also encourage those whom looked like they were really down and out or even sleeping on the streets to come into the church and get the help they needed.

I NOT only got to pray for our brothers and sisters throughout NYC but I also made new friends on my team whom attend another church on the Upper East Side. These friends are very special to me because we now have this really cool and L.I.F.E changing bond because we were able to change many lives. My people, I want you to stay encouraged and know that NO matter what you are facing, it is just NOT that bad. As a prayer warrior for several organizations as well as TBN, I can tell you story after story of prayer requests that I often was NOT prepared for. But this past weekend made sense to me that GoD in HIS Divine Nature was preparing for such a time as this!

To my new friends on Team A. (what are the odds – #Smile) I just want to thank you again for your graciousness and loving hearts towards the community and to ALL of the leaders whom work so diligently to make a difference in our city, thank you too for ALL you do! May GoD continue to Bless and keep you always.

For those whom wanted info on how to volunteer your time and efforts hand in hand with “Don’t Walk By,” please see the following flyers and you can also click on this website, you still have three more days to attend and volunteer:


Your Paying It Forward Sister in Christ,

AniYa A.

Give back Friends, GoD Bless You ALL!