The Patience to Wait..


A little more than 2 weeks ago I was sitting in front of my laptop or was I putting on my coat to walk out of the door?? #Smile Either way, I was busy doing something and in the second of stillness, I heard the Lord as clearly as I am presently listening to Maya Angelous’ “Just Do Right” on Youtube, say, “Do you have the Patience to Wait??”

My first thought was directed towards my NEW desire to purchase the book, “The Wait: APowerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life” Waitby Devon Franklin and Meagan Good, Marriage & Waitingbut then it wasn’t why I was thinking about this thought… The thought came to me several times and I thought, it was regarding my constant working out and NOT seeing immediate results, or was it because I had to wait longer for my new apartment, a huge one bedroom in NYC which is the same price as what my parents pay for their mortgage in S. FL for their 6 bedroom, 4 bathroom mansion; or back to Waiting on GoD to send my Hubz to be!!

Last night during our weekly prayer service where we pray for people ALL over the world, I attend Times Square Church, in Times Square Manhattan; the answer finally hit me as to what I was hearing from GoD and why I kept receiving the message about Waiting..

Warning: this is NOT for the faint of heart………

hospWhen I left the hospital, in 08, after having to be rehabilitated from head to toe, I was deemed as disabled, I NEVER heard of the term before because I went to school and worked my whole L.I.F.E and was oblivious, I knew at a young age that I didn’t want to end up being a statistic but there I was jobless, one person I knew called me a degenerate, another “friend” said I was sick because I had HIV/ AIDS and was it true that I was dying?? (I told them I had NEVER contracted the HIV or AIDS and anyone could read my charts as I would give them full permission) Daily I fought, daily I cried, daily I started to believe I would die then one day a Pastor who would always pray for me came face to face with me and said, “AniYa A., you will live and NOT die and you will go back to TBN….”

TBN Crest Regular

She further said, that though I could NO longer work as a full time employee due to me not being able to sit for long periods of time due to the blood clot in my lung, as a Director or Producer, I needed to stay close to GoD by working with the Christian TV Station in whatever facet I was led!!

Here is one of the major turning points of my L.I.F.E

I went from handling ALL of the prayer partners on Tuesday nights, while the “Praise the Lord” taped to becoming a Prayer Partner begging for rides from Port St. Lucie to Ft. Pierce, FL. ALL I wanted to do was get out of the mental and physical jail I was in and be productive again, so I prayed for the People NO matter what..

One day as I picked up the phone to pray, though I had so many issues I battled, I said, “Good evening my name is Sister. A. How may I pray for you??” The woman on the other end said, “Ma’am, I can’t take it no more…. Please pray for me..” As I did every Tuesday night, I got my little prayer sheet ready to take her request!!

“I am ready NOW..”

“Sister A., I need prayer for my four children!!” I could hear the tears leaving the secret safe places of her eye lids..praying

“Well, what is going on, trust me I know many people who NEED prayer for their loved ones and their children!!” Now, I said this NOT knowing the response I was going to get because I NEVER could imagine that a mother could endure so much………

“My daughter has AIDS, my son is homeless with his wife and two of their children living in their car, my other daughter is in jail and my baby son is gay!!homeless


Without a word I almost dropped the phone, I now was crying my eyes out but I put the phone on mute so she wouldn’t hear, me a Prayer Partner crying instead of saying the right words.. I gained strength after several seconds and said, with the Lord’s help, “Darling, you are one of the strongest people I have ever spoken too……”

Caller: “Sister A. how do you figure?? I am crying to you and NEED prayer for my children because ALL of their lives are in shambles and this is NOT what I expected..”

I close here, I responded by telling her NOT many people I know would have the strength she has to be calling for prayer, instead they would be drinking and smoking their problems away, but NOT her………… She was strong enough to drop everything and reach up to the source where her help came from!! psalm121-1-2

I prayed but I almost fainted as I thought about her pain, her anguish, probably her thinking that she failed miserably in L.I.F.E..

It is 8 years later and I am asking you, “Do You Have the Patience to Wait??”

To you Mother of Four, with Strength to Endure.. Do NOT Beat Yourself Up, Open the Door for Another!!

Sister AniYa A.

What is even Real?? Test the Spirit by the Spirit 1 Thessalonians 5:21

Matthew 12:46-50 

Jesus’ Mother and Brothers

 While Jesus was still talking to the crowd, his mother and brothers stood outside, wanting to speak to him. Someone told him, “Your mother and brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to you.” He replied to him, “Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?”  Pointing to his disciples, he said, “Here are my mother and my brothers. For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”


As I was about to leave my humble abode with the desire to get a start on my day, I recalled the aforementioned conversation Jesus had with those in the temple, I sat back and visualized how difficult it might have been to say what HE said but then again it could NOT have been that difficult because HE still had to do HIS Fathers’ work…… Why blog about a story we ALL know, is what you may be asking yourselves??

It’s simple, Jesus at that time relied simply on HIS Calling, HE relied on HIS Intuition; furthermore, Jesus relied on HIS Father’s Voice speaking with HIM directly and HE knew what HE needed to do in order to please HIS Father but also to attain the Highest Reward possible which was to ultimately be seated at HIS Father’s right side for ALL of Eternity….. It’s pretty heavy if you think about it like that, huh??

Trust mii, I know…

Anyway, I share this because ALL of my L.I.F.E, I felt different, I knew I had this gift and calling on mii but I knew it because of what others would say to mii and about mii, I always wanted to be like everyone else and NOT have the abilities I had and after a while they were taken away from mii but then one day I got the gift back but this time I could tap into other dimensions as well as into others lives, at first I thought I was just imagining but then every step of the way, I received confirmation after confirmation!!

Follow mii, I am almost finished..

When Jesus was teaching, HE probably knew that his mother and brothers were standing there, outside, waiting but HE knew that what HE came to the temple to do was more important than what they wanted because of HIS abilities.. Think about it in this perspective, when someone lies to you; don’t you feel it in your gut i.e. don’t you sense in?? When something bad is about to happen, can’t you often times discern it then wonder later, how did I know that?? My friends, trust mii, Jesus knew what they were plotting before others knew HE knew..

When one has a gift that shows them farther than the eye can see, know that the GoD who has given them that gift has also saved them by a special type of grace; furthermore, HE has given them a special type of protection too!!

In doing the Fathers’ Work – Be Prepared for Anything, that especially means know the ones whom are supposed to be closest to you can ultimately be the ones who can sell you into slavery, as Joseph was, they can try to take you away from your calling as Jesus’ own family attempted to, or lets NOT forget the story of Martha and Mary where Mary wanted to desperately wanted to learn but Martha tried to throw her under the bus by asking Jesus, “Lord, don’t you care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself? Tell her to help me!”





Be NOT be deceived as wolves come disguised in sheeps’ clothing or in other forms which we may think is someone who is supposed to love and care for us..

Be blessed today and always Fam, will be back soon with more updates and much more!!

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