It’s Vintage!!!!!!

Recently, I bought a wallet and was pleasantly surprised when I got home to find a little bitty change purse in the package as well.. To many it may just look like an ordinary change purse but instantaneously I was taken back in time to when my grandmother would carry around her little change purse then I started to feel like an old lady and thought I would look foolish carrying this around, though my favorite granma never did!!

A few days later, while picking up a few items at The Coach Store on Madison Ave., my sales guy and I started discussing different types of prints as well as the type of leather utilized on my Coach bag, the funny thing about that is ALL this time I was carrying around real crocodile on my arms and didn’t realize it as it really never came to mind until that very moment; I proceeded to share that I just got my wallet as well and Mark agreed that it looked like I was enjoying reptile prints very much, we both laughed at this and I concurred that he was right..

Before leaving, I looked down at my little coin purse and I became conflicted and said, “Mark, you are an expert with these things, do you think I will look silly taking out my little coin purse, I fear I may look like an old lady or something!!” (NO disrespect to any beautifully seasoned women out there, you know how much I ❤ you ALL  #Smile) Then Mark turned to me and said, “Honey, NO, it is NOT an old lady looking coin purse; it’s Vintage….”

I close with this, we sometimes have fears of how others may perceive us, we sometimes shrink down because of our ridiculous insecurities or because of issues that haunt us from our past!! I was bullied a lot growing up, especially since I was moved from the North to the South at a very young age where I experienced quite a few problems with peers etc. so today I sometimes worry about what others may think.. As Mark smiled at me and gave me the confidence I needed again, the words played in my head for days..

Often times, Vintage is referred to as an item that is old and comes back into style from years past, but here is  the definition I found after a simple search on a season’s yield of grapes or wine from a vineyard (2) :  wine; especially :  a usually superior wine all or most of which comes from a single year!!

When you read this last sentence, what does it speak to you??

To me, it sheds light on the fact that yes something can be old, not in perfect condition according to some peoples standards, but when you examine what is truly in front of you, you will see how superior it really is.. I have had to stop worrying about others perception but also value myself and realize that I am ME and that is the Only way I can BE!! Friends, embrace yourselves, know that you can use what has happened in your past and turn it into something fabulous, to Granma, I LoVe and Miss You, your style and carefree nature, to Mark, Thank You for helping me realize the beauty in something so uncanny and to the World, Be Blessed and Remember “It’s Vintage!!”

The Pursuit of “Happyness”

Sometimes in L.I.F.E we experience certain situations that really take us out of our element, get us in trouble or other times we are fortunate for that moment where we are totally enlightened by a moment that can only happen once..

So, a little less than a week ago I was putting on my eyebrows (LOLOL) when I noticed how smooth and impeccable the liner was; furthermore, I realized it wasn’t my typical one that I had to fight with in order for mii to get that perfected look I was going for!! Then it happened, I had to stop and look at the liner twice and then it ALL made sense……..

It was the Brand NEW Maybelline liner I bought a few days prior and I hadn’t noticed that I placed it in my Burberry make – up bag already!!

Where am I going with this many may wonder, I will tell you!!

What I felt compelled about at that moment was the desire for a look that I could get with any ol’ eyeliner, a look that would make my eyes pop NO matter what, after a few seconds the Lord Ministered, “The Pursuit of Happiness” {which I of course switched in the title to ‘Happyness’ to grab your attention}.. Friends, many of us are on the same wavelength wanting NOTHING more than to achieve the American Dream, if you are from another Country other than America then this should resonate very true to you!! A lot of us (especially mii coming from a Haitian family and background, where I am first generation American, born in Brooklyn, NY) want the good if not great paying jobs, the security of having a perfect credit score so that we can buy that home, we want things like that brand new sexxxii car, the education, the beautiful clothing and those brilliant children who will make us proud in our old age.. Yes, we 9 times out of 10 are after the The Pursuit of Happiness as we attempt to go after our goals though, we often times run into difficulties.. We  may have a plan in my mind and on paper but then the unexpected trials and tribulations arise and we don’t know how to handle them!!

The significance of the eyeliner is simple: I picked up an eyeliner that I thought was the one I already had in my make-up bag but was tremendously blessed when I put on a NEW, more Powerful one, a liner that gave mii more confidence.. A liner that grant it, resembled my old one but was Brand NEW and much much better.. The significance of the liner is that we ALL have the ability to be Brand NEW, we ALL have the ability to throw out the old stuff and BE something NEW!!

Today, as you go out on your journey, try and figure out what you want to get rid of.. See, when we hold on to junk, we too become junky and how many people want to be junky?? I know I don’t wanna be and I have a feeling that you ALL don’t either…… So, do yourselves a favor and add a little NEW to your lives!! I know what I experienced was NOT a mistake by any means and I am so glad I got a chance to live it and share it with you amazing, talented, gifted, strong and compassionate beings whom will read this message today..

Oh yea, Maybe she’s Born with or Maybe it’s just Maybelline!! I just couldn’t resist.. Later peeps!! Love You ALL….. XO

(Stay tuned for more messages that will hopefully Bless You and Give You a NEW Perspective in Your Every LiVes..)

Your Gurl,

AniYa A.