Moonlit Sky

At the end of the day, while the sun slowly makes it’s way into another world, where the moon re-visits the mystical sky; the only question to ask is who are you??

I mean like, for real and where do you really want to be??

Maybe in someone’s warm arms other than your own, holding you tightly while their breath simultaneously meets yours….

Moments ago, I was looking at someone’s pictures and though I often see them face to face, in the beginning of this weird little dance I dismissed every notion of physical attraction but as sure as day turns into dusk and the dusk turns into dawn feelings creep in with an insurmountable amount of motion that leaves me yearning for more..

The funny thing is, just as L.I.F.E would have it, he is NOT even free to be with me!!

But then again, is he??

On this journey called L.I.F.E as the dawn eventually turns back into dusk and the sun returns into its highly sought after position, I will keep these intimate feelings to myself and pray that one day, I will be able to whisper his name into the the mystical sky as he whispers mine..

Ahhhhhhhh, yes that sweet day will come even if it is in and out of time!!


I bid you ALL a faire adieu – Carpe Diem..