Out with the #old in with the #new

Hi Friends,

So before I get into this #inspirational blog I had to say it sure feels good to be back with you ALL and guess what, yup, you’ve guessed it!! I re-published “A Woman’s Intuition” I will share more details in the next blog but for now, click here to order your copy..



I will be going on a #book tour soon so if you want a signed copy, look out for tour date or email mii directly at prayedforfreedom@gmail.com


NOW, back to my original train of thought!!

Recently, I was out and about and literally I felt that familiar sharp poke in the side of my rib, ladies you know what I mean, it’s cold, it’s unaccepted and it’s annoying a.h..Ladies, now, I know you ALL know that feeling so I am so NOT alone on this one…… LOLOL!! As I sat there, I had to pull out that frigid piece of metal from my bra and was quite angry that I would be left with one firm shaped round and perfect breast and one a little less firm because it is the underwire that had to be removed rather quickly, otherwise, the pain would become much more intense..

So here is where the revelation came in:


A couple of days later, I had to do laundry and was about to throw out that once beautiful, firm fitting, double d bra with the pretty lace and perfect hold, when I had a thought; matter of fact, it was as if a light bulb went off in my head and I thought to myself, why NOT turn it into a sports bra and I will just wear it under my real sports bra but it could be doubled for extra support………. That’s when this message came to mii that I want to share with you!!

Often times, we as humans are so quick to throw something away that we NO longer find useful because like in this case of my wired under garment, something went wrong and ultimately I felt as if the whole thing NO longer had any value..

But just like that – I realized I could utilize my bra for something else and it could be salvaged after all!!

My point and message to you is – do NOT be so quick to throw things away (this includes friendships, relationships, loves etc) that can be used just because there is a slight malfunction..

See, there are times when we are being redirected but so many of us are so one track minded that we cannot fathom the endless possibilities out there as well as the infinite amount of functions one object/ thing/ relationship may offer because we do NOT care to see the potential.. Today, my hope is that in spite of how your situation may look, you will be encouraged enough to

Carpe Diem ~dd3

and be as optimistic as possible while you look at every angle of a problem, circumstance so on and so forth!!

I know, I know, it is often difficult to be optimistic in our every day lives but I promise you, if you try it, you will find #success ALL around you as your boobies receive double hold-age, firm, power for your double D’s.. (This last part is a joke but as I LOLOLOL, I hope you found this message encouraging, insightful and it spoke to your soul)

Have a #blessed nite Fam..


Stay tuned for the upcoming message about my book of poetry and special quotes “A Woman’s Intuition”

AniYa A.

The grateful and optimistic one



Being an Overcomer..

Wow, it has been forever since I have blogged on here; but guess what?? It won’t be that long until I blog again.. LOLOL!!

So, yesterday I had every intention to blog about one of the most real, most controversial, most unexpected questions I have ever been asked on a radio interview I did years ago..

I started writing and had to save it because I am still on the campaign trail and had a million things to take care of; therefore, I decided to edit it and put it on the shelf so that I could add my pix as well as personal touch today so I could post it and get back to work but GoD had another plan for my message today!!

It is the message of watching one that I LoVe(d) dearly, suffer, almost die in the hands of her husband, overcome and get back to living L.I.F.E as if NOTHING ever tried to destroy her..

My disclaimer is the following: I will NOT share any names but this is ALL true accounts that I am sharing with you today..

Imagine, I was only 10, in the essence of my youth with the world so bright before mii; as I had my family and friends all around mii!! I studied hard as I was taught too, played games with neighborhood kids, attended dance classes and ultimately didn’t have much to worry about until she went and got married.. My best friend at the time, though she was much older than mii, ok about a dozen years or so but it didn’t matter because she told everyone that she was really my mother and we did everything together.. We laughed and joked as we were in and out of Fl., Haiti and New York City, yup, it was awesome that she came to live with us, her family!!

“Ki sa, ammmwwwaaayyyyy… Pou ki sa li fe sa mem?? Et ti moun yo?? Eske yo ok??”

What I have said was what I heard from the elders, as they were inundated with questions and fear as to their relatives safety as well as the safety of one child she held in her arms, that were so very fragile with blood pumping out of one, and the baby that was still nestled in her womb, with no knowledge of the pain her very own father was inflicting on her mother and possibly on her eldest sister…..

I sat in fear, wide – eyed, shaking and trying to fight back the tears that wanted to explode  from their dwelling, I had to be strong, I had to remain calm!! I had to fight the monster who was trying to kill the ones I loved so much.. But how could I do anything about the situation, by this point, I was only like 11 and had NO way of saving anyone because I couldn’t even save myself..

Would she be ok?? Would he go to jail?? How were the little ones?? Will I ever see them again?? How could this be happening?? We were always sooooooooo #Happy as a closed knit loving family??

Friends, the situation I am referring to is one of many that would occur between a very close relative of mine who chose to love and honor her abusive, alcoholic, vindictive husband whom she didn’t know of his nature prior to them saying their vows..

The Lord truly has an interesting way of bringing things to one’s remembrance as I forgot about the many years of the abuse that this person endured, until I saw him again, in a family photo with the same family he tried to kill 2 decades prior!! How could he stand there, smiling and taking pictures with them I thought?? Does he NOT have any shame?? Where is his sense of pride, surely he could have sent a check or bouquet of of flowers but Lord, he really showed up to his first borns graduation and he is acting like he did something, as if he contributed much more than his semen!!

I close here, I began to think of the things he did to my family, what he did to my non – existent LoVe L.I.F.E because every time I thought of the abuse, the drinking, the 911 calls, how he intimidated others with his education and power, I wanted to throw up; instead let mii tell you what GoD did…….

He showed mii how beautiful they were!!

GoD showed mii that they did endure hell on earth for many years but that NEVER broke her or the children, he could have accomplished his demented plan of killing them off but it didn’t happen for a reason that still boggles mii..

Less than 8 years later, the same one who almost died, called mii to tell mii that I was the Only Christian in the Family and I had to Pray for Sandy, my Beautiful Cousin who was shot in the head and was fighting for her L.I.F.E!!

Why was Sandy taken, yet she lived after receiving multiple stab wounds, being hospitalized and having to get more stitched than I could count??

Though I don’t know the reason, I know this….. As I looked at the picture again and again, I saw what determination looks like, I understood what being an overcomer truly means; furthermore, I realized that it doesn’t matter how many times he tried to take her {them} out.. What matters is that she and they are still standing..

Today, I can share this tid bit about mii and NOT cry my eyes out too and that is because I am also an OVERCOMER!! Though I was NOT almost killed by a man that was supposed to love mii and be there for mii for our eternities, I found a way to overcome the ones that appeared so kind and innocent and wait for what  was (is) truly mine to be..

Friends, rejoice when you too have OVERCOME.. I know I will NOW and forever more!!

To you, my family.. Congratulations again on your Victory!!

Yours Truly,

AniYa A.                                                         The one who watched for years

Learned a NEW phrase….. Have you ever heard of __________??

Don’t want to be preachy this AM but if y’all don’t know it by now, you better realize – I like to share Words of Motivation and share the Good News that GoD puts in mii <3, if I offend anyone, you know where the exit is (i.e. the delete friend button or just don’t read the messages)
With that said, I have been going through these battles lately and I woke up feeling some kind of way today, on the flip side my career is going in the right direction, my writing is on point as I am working on re- publishing, “A Woman’s Intuition” {will keep you posted} as well as working on the sequel of “After ALL the Pain”, entitled “Talk With Your Daddy” and socially I am learning myself more; therefore, I am learning others too in different ways……. Recently, I had been getting these messages by some dude in my gmail account, I was so upset that they even got my personal email addy but after communicating for some time, I started to feel differently!!  It has been a weird roller coaster ride which I have gotten off many times then he would contact me over and over again…… Let’s stop here and ask this, “How many people know or even understand that there are ruthless individuals out there who actually play on others emotions for fun??” #Hmmmmmmmmm ~ think about it and continue reading!!
Point: I watched a show last night by the name of Catfished (Catfish – whatevz) and I am like WOW is this what is going on here?? Well, I don’t care if it is or NOT because I feel like I have been Catfished and I became angry initially as I have NEVER met this fool face to face, yet he or even she @ this point who knows what they are, always had excuses about everything, even said they live in England but couldn’t tell mii any of their whereabouts in London or other parts of the country I once lived in and traveled throughout when I was a student studying abroad – OK
                                            *** raising eyebrow here***

Bye – Felicia

Friends, I am writing this because I have a feeling people out there go through similar situations but today I am writing from the stand point of Biblical examples, we see how many times people were tempted in the Bible from David and the story of Bathsheba and Uriah (see 2 Samuel 11- 12 or google their story for more commentary on this profound triangle of stalking, lies, murder, love rather lust and much more) you also see this type of deceitful behavior in stories such as the story of Hannah in 1 Samuel 1 (Peninnah was the culprit as she pretty much was always watching Hannah and didn’t want her to have children and caused her much grief) or in my favorite book of the Bible, the story of Haman in Esther (we see how Haman basically plotted against the children of Israel but thankfully Mordecai was waaaayyyyyyyy more clever than that idiot and GoD showed Mordecai what the enemy was planning before it was too late – Read the entire Book of Esther because either way it is #Amazing and you NEED to know it for yourself… You will thank mii later – #Smile)
Bringing it to a close – so stay with mii for a few more sentences….. As we could see from the aforementioned Bible messages, which are like present day soap operas, there was a lot of watching, a lot of plotting and a whole lot of lying but you know what I ❤ about these stories, it is the fact that each person who praised GoD got the #Best outcome….. Well, we know David had to do a whole of repenting in order for him to be the apple of GoD’s eye; especially, since he totally had Uriah killed and ALL (oops you didn’t get to that part yet of that intense triangle – sorry – read till the end) but either way he gave his soul to GoD and vowed to NOT sin again!! I believe sincerely that many times we are in situations NOT to destroy us but to make us #Stronger and #Better.. Throughout the time I was dealing with this person whom was Catfishing mii, things were changing in my L.I.F.E, I was being #Strengthened and I am much #Happier today than I have been in a long time.. One day he/ she/ whatevz stated, “Why do you love those who don’t love you, when I am right here – blah blah blah” I expressed to them first of ALL men hit on mii or try to date mii ALL the time but I am NOT interested in any body that’s just trying to run game furthermore if you only knew what I have been through you’d be more careful with your statements, I even reminded them of when my #Favorite cousin was murdered by her fiancee’ and I have had to work through so much to even be healed from that grief or sadness, then I realized, they were doing it again, they were playing with my emotions and getting mii into a place of their control/ a place where I would be most vulnerable……..
It’s 2 days before #Christmas and I am going to stay focused on the reason for this season and give HIM the ultimate #Praise!!!!!!!!!! Speaking of #Praising #HIM, as I said in the opening of this blog, I woke up feeling a little up upset or some kind of way, but something said put on that #Praise & #Worship ~ Amen…………….. No sooner did I put on my #Pandora I felt a shout a Total Praise and the songs by #TashaCobbs #IsraelHoughton #ShanaWilson #FredHammond as well as #RichardSmallwood & #MarvinSapp started to flow into my #Spirit – within seconds – literally, I felt 100% better and now I sit here writing this hoping that you will also feel better about whatever you are dealing with and know that when you PRAISE HIM, it doesn’t matter what plot is against you as HE has promised us that, “Though they intended evil against You And devised a plot, They will not succeed..” Psalm 21:11
For more references on Plotting see:
LoVe You Alwayz and Have a Merry Christmas,
AniYa A.
Freedom Entertainment Group
President & CEO